What is the difference between "Glass only" and "Glass and LCD" repairs?

We always replace your entire screen assembly when we perform a screen repair on your iPhone. We offer a discounted price if your LCD can be salvaged and sent back to the manufacturer. We earn a rebate for every good condition LCD we send back and we pass that rebate on to you.

 If your glass screen is broken but you are still able to operate the phone normally, it is likely that your LCD is still fine and that you will only need a "glass only" repair. If your LCD does not turn on or has a rainbow effect when you are touching the screen, it will likely require a "glass and LCD" repair. Below are a few 


Glass Only

  • Glass is broken but phone will turn on and screen displays
  • Can operate screen normally even though the glass is broken
  • No "rainbow of colors" show when the screen is operated

Glass and LCD repair

  • Screen does not light-up
  • Phone does not register touch
  • There is a "rainbow of colors" that appears when the screen is touched