App, App, Appy! Non-game Apps We Love

iPhones have a finite amount of space for apps, so we asked around to find out how people use those oh-so-precious little boxes. Some of their answers may surprise you.



Asana was created as a way for teams to move a project from start to finish. It has a task list for each person, a progress dashboard, in-app conversation, and these things will not only keep you on track, but make it easy for you to follow the progress of each of the team members.


Uber Eats


Uber’s expansion into the food delivery business. They tout a 35 minute wait time, but according to our team, brand reputation is also an important factor in choosing this over other food delivery apps.


This mobile payment app allows users to send money to one another, split restaurant bills or other fees, and deposit money from others into your linked bank account. You request to add Facebook friends, since the app links people through your friends list. You can use the app to request money from others in your group, and receive money from others, which will then stay in your Venmo account until you send it to your bank or use it to pay someone else in your network. If you use a debit card, it’s free. (Their parent company, Paypal, charges 2.9% for all transactions.) A credit card requires a 3% processing fee. (Hint: use your debit card!)

This is the way the modern Grandma sends her grandson his birthday money.


Yelp claims to be the ‘best way to find local businesses’. Not only does it show a loose price structure ($ $$ $$$), but customer ratings, photos, and descriptions of their experiences. It’s basically elevator conversation, but when enough ratings and comments come through, it gives shoppers a fairly accurate projection of what they can expect. Users can rate the ratings, too, as ‘Useful/Funny/Cool’.


This entertainment app allows you to find entertainment events in Arizona. They boast “a partnership with nearly every event venue in Arizona to bring users a list of curated events’. Users can find nearby events (even on the move),  post photos and engage other users. Atticue has plans to expand to places like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and more later this year. Eventually, their plan is to go global.

Recipe Cloud

When I heard this, I laughed a little, but this highly-rated app doesn’t just offer up recipes from your favorite chefs and friends, it also organizes your shopping list by store aisle, allows you to browse for dishes using specific ingredients, and lets users create their own virtual cookbook of collections of favorite recipes and screenshots.. Pro users (.99 cents per month or $9.99 yr) can create as many ‘theme’ cookbooks as they wish, and also set secret recipes and old family recipes to ‘private’.


When I mention Spotify, people who have this digital music app get sparkly-eyed. You can listen for free, or, you can pay for premium to customize your playlist, search for new music, and play on all your devices. Premium is $5 students/$10 others/$15 family--up to six members.