iPhone 8 Rumors

In 2017, the popular iPhone series will be marking it’s ten-year anniversary. All thanks to Steve Jobs, who through his creativity changed a lot about the way our smartphones are being used. Rumors have it that he will be marking this momentous anniversary with an upgrade of the iPhone series.

Apple is said to have about ten prototypes of the iPhone 8 models from which they will be making their final decision. That means we are not very sure of what to expect come 2017.

iPhone is a popular smartphone because of its unique specifications, a highly durable and stylish design; qualities that iPhone's have maintained since the release of the first iPhone in 2007. Each subsequent series of the iPhone has never fallen short of these features but have constantly upgraded. Now everybody is waiting patiently for what Steve Jobs and his group have in store for us when the Phone 8 comes out in 2017.

What People Are Saying About the iPhone 8

Release date: It is speculated that iPhone 8 will be released by September 2017 with a totally new design. This date was picked because previous series were revealed between 7th -12th of September and released between 16th-21th of September. The iPhone 8 is not expected to be different.

Display Size: If you are conversant with the iPhone series, you will notice that the size keeps increasing per series comparing the iPhone 4, 5,6, and 6 plus. Rumors have it that the iPhone 8 will be having a display size of 6 – 6.5 inches--with curved edges that respond to touch.

"Eh? iPhone 8 will have a curved design? But, it's been done!"

"Eh? iPhone 8 will have a curved design? But, it's been done!"

Design: The new iPhone 8 is expected to take the entire front of the iPhone with an edge- to-edge design and should have a flexible OLED display (at least for the higher-end model) in contrast to the LCD previously used. It is also expected to be thinner and consume lesser power. 

iPhone Teardrop Concept by Federico Ciccarese

iPhone Teardrop Concept by Federico Ciccarese

Also, the iPhone 8 is likely going to be made with a glass body as used in iPhone 4 in contrast to the aluminium used in other series. The higher end model is likely to have a stainless steel frame.Battery: The iPhone 8 is expected to have battery life that could last for 18 hours and above.

Also, the iPhone 8 is likely going to be using wireless charging, certainly a relief to those of us who break and lose chargers constantly.

Camera: iPhones are known for their unique camera features. Their camera resolution is breath-taking and the iPhone 8 is expected to maintain this legacy. It is rumoured that the camera of the expected iPhone 8 should have front camera of 4 MP and primary camera of 14mp. However, this could be lesser one even more. Let’s just cross our fingers and wait patiently for the release.

Price: We all know that the price of iPhone keep increasing with each new release. iPhone 8 is expected to be a bit higher in price than iPhone 7. The expected range is between $1199 to $1599.

RAM: The iPhone 8 is expected to have a RAM size of 8G which is the largest in the iPhone series.

* see note below

* see note below

In conclusion, all the features of iPhone 8 mentioned in this article including the price are all expectations and rumors. If you need the accurate information, then you might need to wait for the company to disclose that. We will keep you posted as we learn more.

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