Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Ways of iPhones

iphone overheating screen

What’s this? Suddenly, you’re getting a weak signal, your display dims or goes black, your flash fails, or your iPhone stops charging!

What’s going on?

Your iPhone doesn’t enjoy summer as much as you do, that’s what.

According to Apple, optimum temperature for iPhone operation runs between 32-95 degrees. The magic number for when an iPhone can start to have real problems? 113 degrees.

But wait! It isn’t just the temperature.

Sunlight can also affect your iPhone. Think of how hot your car gets in the summer when the sun hits your windows. That’s right, the glass screen acts like a miniature windshield and soaks up the heat right into your iPhone.

So, how can you avoid the black warning screen?

Prevention is the first step. There are the obvious preventative measures, like never leaving your iPhone in the hot car or sunlight, but there are other ways to keep that phone cool. Here are some things that contribute to the temperature of your iPhone:

  • Games
  • Bluetooth
  • Location services and map directions 
  • Charging
  • Background app refresh

So, avoid these on a hot day.

Okay, but what if this isn’t enough?

If you need to be able to take calls, turn your iPhone on Airplane Mode and remove the case.  If you don’t need to take calls, turn the iPhone off and remove the case anyway. Some people suggest putting it in the refrigerator for a couple of minutes (people who have never seen the inside of my refrigerator, obviously), or putting it in front of a fan.

An overheated iPhone might result in battery damage, screen lifting and even screen breakage. So, do yourself a favor—keep your iPhone out of the heat and have a cool summer.