Coming Soon to an iPhone Near you! iOS 10 Update

With a redesigned lock screen and a massive Siri upgrade, iOS 10 promises to be the best iOS update yet.

The message features promise all new fun, including in-app selfies, a sketching feature (similar to the one found on the Apple watch), new background animations, and tapbacks for messages (which can also be deleted). There will also be predictive emoji suggestions, and will offer word suggestions

A new Home app for the popular Home kit will be available, thereby reducing or elimination the former need for additional apps to make the Home kit work smoothly.

All of this will be on a new home screen with 3D touch, and a lock screen which will allow the user to read and interact with notifications without opening every app.

Siri will be open to third party developers. Want an Uber or Lyft ride? Siri can arrange that for you.

Like music? Apple’s music app has been redesigned to have more features than ever. Live streaming media within apps will be available, as well, providing more interactions for gamers.


Photo credits: Live stream app content (Credit: Reddit/Coldplayer42)

The newly designed camera app is easier to use, likely in response to the iPhone 7’s massive memory upgrade. Not only will you be able to photograph your life, but photos will now have advanced facial and object recognition features, so they can be sorted by a person, item, or event in a new memories feature.

The map features have also been upgraded, so it will have better navigation capabilities, suggest nearby points of interest, and can be used to by third party developers.

The lockscreen? No more ‘Press home to Open’ or ‘slide to Open’.  iOS will now have a ‘raise to wake’ feature, in which the user presses the home button, thereby displaying their notifications. The lockscreen now displays a lot more information, which is readily accessible, so digging around to find apps is no longer necessary.  The cherry on top is the fact that you can delete the notifications with a ‘clear all’.

OS will connect your PC web browser to your iPhone, so, if you’re on a webpage on your laptop, you can seamlessly move to your iPhone and continue where you left off without sending yourself a link.

iOS 10 also has a water-detection software which will warn the user to unplug the device, and you’ll have the ability to flush those unwanted apps you never use, like stocks and watch.

There’s a new Bedtime feature in the Clock app which will keep track of how long you sleep, create an ongoing history and wake you up with soft sounds instead of a raucous alarm.

Who is out of the loop? iPhone 4S, iPad 2, and iPod touch 5th generation devices will not be able to download the mobile operating system.

And finally, just in case you want to use your new phone for calls, Apple has added full screen caller ID, and voicemail transcription. For the hard of hearing, this feature and the possible spam warning indicator are going to be a godsend.