iOS 10.3--Coming Soon to an iPhone Near You

Any day now, the inevitable launch of iOS 10.3 will tumble down the virtual stairs and become a reality in your iPhone. iOS 10.3 will use the Apple File System (APFS).  Rumors have been circulating on this update for a while. But one rumor Apple has confirmed is that developers will be able to change their home screen icon at any time.

What does the advent of iOS 10.3 mean for users?

The begging is over.

The begging is over.

Icon Changes without updates

If, for example, if a game is having a player tournament, they might change the icon to reflect that. A weather app could show if there is an extreme weather alert. While these icons icon changes will be disabled for devices enrolled in educational programs, the rest of us will be able to enjoy them, as long as the app is visible on the home screen.

CarPlay gets easier.

CarPlay gets easier.

Apple Store Update

App developers will be able to reply publicly to reviews with the new update. Developers can provide an ‘official response’ to problems. In addition, Apple has limited the number of times an app can beg you in-app to leave them a positive review to three per year. Although this limit is without teeth, you will have the ability to disable these pop-ups.

Theater Mode

Users will be able to turn off their screen brightness and alerts with the flick of a popcorn-shaped icon in the Control Center.

UPDATE: This feature may not make the iOS 10.3, but it’s coming!

Find my Airpods

One is not enough, but $69 to replace is too much.

One is not enough, but $69 to replace is too much.

Find my Airpods was previously released and then yanked from the app store, enraging users who had to pay $69 to replace one. Now, it’s reappeared as part of Find my iPhone app. So, you’re in luck if you loan them to someone and can’t remember who it was, or if you lose one. If it happens that one falls behind the sofa, the app has the ability to play sound from the lost one until you find it--unless it’s out of battery. 

Settings app

Settings will have a new security section.


The last three apps used will be available for quick switching without going back to the home screen if your car is equipped with Car Play. It will also have quick access to the song albums in Music.

Maps App

Weather data in the Maps app now has 3D Touch weather forecasting--an incredibly convenient tool when you’re on the road.