Accessories for your iPhone 7

iPhone has some excellent accessories for the iPhone 7, the most famous of which are probably the AirPods, those wireless earphones that blew the earphone competition out of the water. But, there are other accessories which make owning an iPhone 7 a delight. We’re going to look at a few today:

Beats Solo3 wireless earphones has the same W1 chip found in the AirPods. After only five minutes charging time, these offer three hours of play time. Since the iPhone doesn't have a jack port, these are a fair alternative without breaking the bank on Bose. In black, gloss black, gold, rose gold, white, and gloss white. $300


The Apple iPhone 7 battery case will not only protect your 7 from damage, but also the little turtle bumb on it’s back carries an extra charge for 22 extra hours of internet, or 26 hours of talk time. It also warns you of exactly how much battery time you have left. In black, white, and red. $100

Beats pill and portable speaker touts ‘the same acoustics mechanics found in professional recording studios around the world’, but for our money, the fact that you can add a friend when you use the app makes it a much more friendly experience. Let’s face it, music is meant to be shared. $230

The uFashion3C is a fanny pack-type carrier for joggers, runners, and other athletes. It’s waterproof, sweat-proof, and has a earphone hole--but not for the iPhone 7. It’s made of a lightweight material that fits without bouncing. $10

Anker Power Core+ in silver, gold and black has enough power to charge your 7 four times. Ideally, you’ll never need to use it. Realistically, you’ll need it all the time. Plus, the price is a lot lower than the Apple iPhone 7 battery case, since you may have already broken the bank buying your new 7. $30.