Fun in Airplane Mode

It’s Spring Break, and a bunch of us are heading for Cancun to celebrate being young and beautiful and burned out from college. Even if you aren’t going with us, (or anywhere, for that matter) you can still enjoy the benefits of airplane mode on you iPhone. Many airports are now outfitted with charging stations, so don’t forget to have your charging cord ready.

I think I can see my house from here.

I think I can see my house from here.

If you’re leaving the country, don’t forget to find out what your cell phone carrier’s policies are with regard to service at your destination. Also, if you’re traveling with a couple of friends, it’s a great kindness to carry a power strip cord for charging multiple devices if you have more than one electronic device. Motels notoriously lack outlets.

You are correct if you assume secretly keeping your phone on won’t crash the plane. What it does, however, is create a distraction for the pilot. The two most dangerous parts of flying are takeoff and landing. Do you really want to engage in the electronic version of kicking the back of your pilot’s seat while he’s trying to fly the plane?

We thought not.  So, we’ve provided some fun alternatives that you can enjoy on in airplane mode while your friends sleep off those margaritas they had for breakfast in the airport bar.

¿Where is the bathroom? in fifty languages.

¿Where is the bathroom? in fifty languages.

  • Learn a little local dialect with one or more fun apps. 50 Languages or Rosetta Stone are free. Even learning to speak a few phrases in the language of your destination, (¿Dónde está el baño?) can make your trip more enjoyable because nothing impresses locals as much as vacationers who make an effort. Even if you only use the words you need to find the restroom, trust us, you’ll use them.

  • Tunes. Don’t forget your earbuds. Music on a plane is tremendously soothing, especially when it covers up the wail of the engine, the nearby baby, or passenger who has to use to courtesy bags. (Which leak, BTW)

  • Movies and TV shows Download, download, download. We cannot stress this enough. If it isn’t downloaded, you aren’t going to be watching it. Or, you can catch up on your TV watching, but, again--download.

  • Books

*Personal favorite* Nothing beats a great book in an plane. Your library is full to bursting with eBooks it’s dying to loan you. Not just the print editions, but audio-books, as well. If you don’t know how to download the app, book, or audio, ask your friendly librarian. The one with the pursed lips and disapproving glare. She likes you. Really.

"I'm too short to see out of this window wit my seat belt on, and can cry for three hours straight!"

"I'm too short to see out of this window wit my seat belt on, and can cry for three hours straight!"

  • Clean out your phone

  • The notes, the pictures, and the contacts from ninth grade really need to go. Why do you need to keep the phone number of your first boyfriend or the graduation gown company? Trash that stuff. Besides, you’ll need space on your iPhone for all those great pics you’re going to snap of your friends with their head in a Mexican toilet.

The important thing is to have a bunch of fun, but not too much fun. Remember--those little bags leak. Have fun!

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