Clips by Apple

Absolutely the hottest trend today in social media is the video clip. All the cool kids are doing it, plus businesses, which seem to have no issue with hijacking your device. So, with this in mind, our topic today is Clips, Apple’s new app which came out last week, Apple’s version of Snapchat--sort of. 

Apple is sure going to be happy about this app.

Apple is sure going to be happy about this app.

If you have iOS 10.3 or later, Clips features an easy way to make videos on iPhone and iPad to share with your friends through the Messages app and social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.  Animated captions, images, background music, cute filters, etc.  Sound familiar?

But, there are some distinct differences. For one thing, Snapchat has its own platform--what happens in Snapchat stays in Snapchat. What happens in Clips has to be posted to another app--be on a social media site or the Messages app.

Snaps are, as the name implies, temporary. Clips are meant to be shared on different sites, which means more widespread sharing, including your grandma, who may have a Facebook account but would never be persuaded to download (or use) the Snapchat app. Building on something that is already popular with their own method of sharing was a brilliant move on Apple’s part.

This permanence also implies that the more seasoned Snapchat user, confident of his video skills, will progress to using something that will save his efforts. It also appears that Apple has taken the best features of Snapchat, Instagram, etc., and incorporate those features, as well as their own, into Clips.

Clips can be used in Apple’s own iMessage service, as well as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Alphabet, and, oddly enough, Snapchat. A Clips video can be up to 30 minutes long, or an hour for an edited version. 

Once you put your finger on the Record button and make a Clip, you can also voice record captions which will translate to text. This is called ‘Live Titles’. 

You can video it, clip it together and add some filters, bubbles and 'Live Titles'

You can video it, clip it together and add some filters, bubbles and 'Live Titles'

Add animation, emoji’s, text bubbles, etc. and then send it off to various platforms. The fact that it’s not racing against a ticking clock, unlimited in the places it can be shared, etc., is a big plus for Clips. 

We fully expect for this ti be a big winner for Apple. Not just in terms of timeliness, but also because the iPhone 7 dual lens camera will come in handy for making these videos.

Here is a tutorial to get you started after you download the app.