Tired of Your iPhone? Try a Makeover!

Let’s face it; sometimes we get tired of the same old, same old. This kind of boredom can also apply to your iPhone. The temptation is to buy a new cell phone, but this might not always be within your budget.

So, why not give your old iPhone a makeover? Here are several things you can do to remake your iPhone, so it looks nicer, works faster, and feels like a new phone.

Clean it

It’s hard to believe how dirty an iPhone gets in the course of daily living. We use our iPhones a lot, and they get somewhat disgusting over the course of time. So, grab some tweezers and a soft, damp cloth and an old, soft bristle toothbrush and get to work.

Buy a new case

This solution gets a surprised reaction from many people. 

“But, I already have a case!”  

Yes, and you already own several pairs of pants, too, but this in no way prevents you from going out to buy an additional pair. Maybe people should have a variety of iPhone cases the same way some women carry seasonal purses, or some men own a variety of ball caps.

Change the ringtone

Settings> Sounds > Ringtone will show you your options not only for ringtones but options as well, such as email and Facebook posts. If you don’t enjoy the free ringtones, you can purchase one. 

Make it Faster

This article will give you some excellent ideas on how to speed up your iPhone. Face it, a more responsive phone feels like a better phone.

Get a screen protector

After a few years, the surface glass of an iPhone loses its oleophobic coating. That’s the water- and fingerprint-resistant substance which makes a new iPhone feel slick and smooth. There are a couple of ways to restore the feel of the oleophobic coating; the easiest one is to buy a new, high-grade screen protector, which will have an oleophobic coating on it. You can also buy an oleophobic coating from Amazon, although it has received mixed reviews.

Clean Out the Clutter

Apps you don’t use. Photos of that dress you almost bought your Pokemon brag photos from last summer and a pic of the guy you didn’t date. All those pics that clutter up your iPhone, and then later the Cloud make your iPhone tired. Get rid of them.

Change the lock screen wallpaper

Home Screen> Settings > Wallpaper>Choose a New Wallpaper

You can set both the Home Screen and Lock Screen to be one of your favorite pictures. Since you cleared out all of the junk images, it should be much easier to find one you like without hunting too hard.


Hopefully, this has given you some options on ways to renew your iPhone in a way that will ease it back into your good graces. If not, you may have to go with the more extreme option of buying another iPhone, or trading with a friend or family member.

Talk on.

Repair that iPhone!

If you are in the Metro Phoenix area and have an iPhone with a cracked screen, speaker issues, charging port problems, a bad battery, button problems or any other type of repair, call iPhone Screen Repair Plus at 480-781-0060