Top Five Repairs Performed on iPhones in Phoenix

We caught up with Isaiah Dillard of iPhone Screen Repair Plus and sat down to talk with him about the top volume iPhone repairs in Phoenix. It’s been a long and busy summer for the team.

What are some of the repairs you encounter on a regular basis? Shattered screens, right?


Broken screens are the majority of our business. In fact, if I had a business that did nothing but screen replacements, we’d be busy all day.  It wouldn’t be fair to our customers, though, because they count on us to do all types of repairs. But repairing screens is our number one business call.

What else goes bad? Can you name the other four most-oft requested repairs?

In the summer, we repair a lot of bad batteries. People don’t realize how harshly the heat affects their battery, leave it in their car or even in the sun when they’re out on a hot day. Another thing people do is wear out their battery because they have their email set to ‘push when it could be set to 15 or even 30 minutes, especially if they aren’t expecting anything important. 

How to fix the overworked push email option

Settings --> Mail --> Accounts --> Fetch New Data. Turn off ‘Push’ and set the time you want. (If your business isn’t depending on email, you can probably wait fifteen minutes to find out that Michael’s has their throw pillows on sale again.)

Cameras go bad, which doesn’t seem like it would be a huge issue for an iPhone, but people have become very attached to the ability to take pictures instantly, especially selfies. 

A few of the iPhone 6 Plus phones have an issue with the iSight (back) camera taking grainy photos, but customers with an iPhone 6 Plus can hit up the Apple website to check out their serial number in the database to get a free replacement. Go here.

Charging ports are another high volume repair. Most people can get tons of lint in their charging post simply by continually carrying it in their pocket. That can be cleaned out with long tweezers when the phone is off. But, the other culprit is gunk such as food, chocolate, grease, all kinds of stuff that will ruin a charging port. Those have to be replaced.

The last one is speakers. The speakers get real quiet when they’re affected by oils, sweat, makeup, or anything sticky which can’t be brushed or even blown out. 


If you have the opportunity, clean your iPhone on a weekly basis to keep it fresh. Less dirt build-up will mean a better experience and fewer repairs. We love the repair business and serving our customers, but don’t want them to have to spend their money on repairs unnecessarily. 

We hope this has answered some of your questions and that some of these tips may save you problems. But, if you are in the Metro Phoenix area and have an iPhone with a cracked screen, speaker issues, charging port problems, a bad battery, button problems or any other type of repair, call iPhone Screen Repair Plus at 480-781-0060