Advice from an iPhone tech

How I feel when I break my phone.

How I feel when I break my phone.

Making a living repairing iPhones gives a technician a unique perspective on phone problems and how to avoid them.  Here at Screen Repair Plus, we're happy to help you each and every time you have a problem with your phone.

But, maybe you don't want another cellphone repair bill.

Well, step right up. Because I did a little snooping and casually asked the screen Repair Plus Senior Tech (who also happens to be my son), what kind of problems they encounter most frequently and how to avoid them. I'm going to share that information with you because during the first three months I owned an iPhone, I broke it so often I became the go-to for repair practice, back before Screen Repair Plus was a business. I was his first 'customer'. And his second. And his third.


You get the idea.


He told me that if I wanted my phone to live longer, I needed to get a high quality case. A good case is like a magic protection spell. I've dropped my phone many times since then, but never broke it.

At the same time I got the high quality case, he paired it with a screen protector.
"What's this?" I asked.
"A tempered glass screen protector," he said.
"Like the glass they use for car windshields?"
"Exactly! It absorbs the shock of impact."
"So, if my phone gets hit by a pigeon going sixty miles an hour, it won't break?"


That kid has the greatest laugh.

But, seriously, after you spend a gazillion dollars on an iPhone, a few extra bucks for a decent screen protector is better than shelling out for a repair. Sometimes, that little bit of extra glass can make the difference.
In our family, we don't roll our eyes. But, I swear, I think I saw my son's peepers do a little bit of elevator action when he saw my charger.
"What is this?" he asked when he saw my charger.
"Don't judge me. I lost the charger that came with my phone and this one was only a dollar."
"Mom. Please. I fix phones all day. I promise you that you don't want to use a cheesy charger or cord. Even if it doesn't cause a fire, it can wreck your phone."

I don't want to buy an Apple charger. They're expensive and flimsy. But, I don't want a bad cord to create a problem with my battery or charging port, either, especially on that's full of pocket lint.


You can click here for our last blog post on the effects of heat on your phone. Bottom line, though, is if you live in one of THOSE states, don't leave your iPhone in the car during the summer. Same goes with putting it through the washing machine, dunking it in the swimming pool, or dropping it in the lake.

I hope this has answered some of your questions and that some of these tips may save you problems. But, if you are in the Metro Phoenix area and have an iPhone with a cracked screen, speaker issues, charging port problems, a bad battery, button problems or any other type of repair, call iPhone Screen Repair Plus at 480-781-0060

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Big thanks to Trudemeister for this blog entry. Trudemeister is the author of Rings in Time (2015).