Holiday Games and Apps for Your iPhone

The holidays are upon us, and what better time to download some holiday-themed iPhone games? We chose ones that are free or free-ish in hopes that it will put you and your iPhone in the holiday mood. As with most free games, these offer in-app purchases. Here they are in no particular order:

Snowman Games and Christmas Puzzles:

Marvelous game with a charming series of snowball and gem games featuring beautiful graphics. This one is free, and highly addictive, but watch out, because you will eventually probably have to buy moves, lives, storms or snowballs to keep going at the later levels, which are numerous.  A pop-up also asks you to rate the game after every level, which can make a person feel a little bit Grinchy. 

Elf Command:

A cute time management game in which the player is in a factory, delivering peppermints, trees, and other holiday items from the factory conveyor belt. We rate this one as ‘holiday stressful’, because it’s like the candy episode from, “I Love Lucy”.

Angry Birds Seasons:

This is the iPhone version of an advent calendar, with one new level added each day in a game that’s a cross between Christmas theme and Angry Birds. Who doesn’t love Angry Birds?

The Impossible Test -Christmas

From PixelCube Studios. I’ll give you the first one: You shake your iPhone to make it snow. The other puzzles are crazy-making hard. You might actually need your relatives to help you figure some of them out. Good thing there are many days until Christmas to figure these out.

Hidden Objects- Christmas Holiday

(And it’s little cousin, Hidden Object Candy Shop, also by Detention) If you’re into the ever-popular hidden objects games, you’re going to love this one, because it is beautiful. It has three modes, traditional, chill, and adventure. You can pay a couple of bucks to get rid of the ads, or not.

Xmas Frames:

A fun photo app in which you can add Christmas frames and other features to your photos. We loved this!

Christmas Piano with Free Songs

Because Michael Buble can’t be everywhere at once, it’s up to you to spread some Christmas merry. Also,  sometimes singing is fun! Rotten fruit not included.

Macy’s Parade:

We downloaded this one on the suggestion of the App store. You ‘travel time through the lens of your iPhone camera’ for a 3D experience. You can collect virtual balloons at Macy’s stores, You also have the option to stream or download, although the app recommends downloading ‘for best experience’, even though it takes longer. We will have an update on this after a trip to the local Macy’s.

TGIBF Black Friday:

Yes, we know this isn’t a game, but nothing puts a person in the mood for the holidays like window shopping. This app is a ‘window’ for a number of stores, their biggest deals and  featured Black Friday specials. You can browse by store, newest ads, popular deals, or categories. 

We hope you enjoy these apps and games, and also hope that you have an amazing Thanksgiving. 

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