Being Battered by iPhone 6S Battery Problems?

Does your iPhone 6S sometimes pass out like a fainting goat?

If you’re one of those people who bought an iPhone 6S last year, your iPhone may have a bad battery.  Apple claims the issue is only affecting the 6S (not the 6S plus) and only those manufactured between September and October of last year.

The problem is that a known battery issue causes those particular iPhones to spontaneously quit. The good news is that Apple will replace those batteries in the models manufactured during that time for free. While Apple is assuring customers that these batteries don’t pose a health risk, it’s still worth getting the battery replaced, because even if you’re willing to live with this kind of quirk, it’s hard to say how it might play out later. 

You can get the free new battery at an Apple store or authorized dealer. Please note that wireless carrier providers are not participating in this program. That means you can’t go to your provider for the free battery.

In order to have your battery replaced, you need to backup your phone data before you get the new battery. If your iPhone was shutting down and you have already replaced the battery, you can contact support here to find out how to obtain a refund.

"I think I'll feel better if I just lay down and pass out for a minute..."

"I think I'll feel better if I just lay down and pass out for a minute..."

Also of note is that your iPhone has to be working in order to get the battery. It also can’t have other damage when they replace the battery, either, like a cracked screen. So, if you need to get your iPhone 6S repaired in order to get the free battery replacement for the compromised unit, let us know. 

It should also be noted that Apple is urging customers to call the Apple store or dealer ahead of time to make sure they can replace the battery at the time you intend to visit. 

Apple isn’t actually saying how many units were affected. They described it as ‘a small number’. But, looking at the numbers, last Sept 25, Apple sold over 13 million units across 3 days. In total, Apple sold 75 million iPhones in the launch quarter, the most it has ever sold. That doesn’t really sound like a small number, but it may just be relative.

Battery issues aren’t fun, but they’re relatively common and, as problems go, this one is relatively benign and certainly fixable. It's worth mentioning that most hidden battery problems can be repaired if you shut down your iPhone completely at least once a week. 

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